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Interested in Investing in high cash flow & tax advantage short-term rentals?

We invest in undervalued boutique hotels/motels, lodges, and unique short-term rental properties and upgrade them for maximum cash flow, tax benefits, and equity gain through strategic renovations.


Typical cash on cash return can be 2-4x of long-term rental investments.

Value Added Opportunities

We buy the right properties in the right locations, and then strategically renovate to drive the highest ROI.

Tax Benefits

We perform cost segregation studies and utilize bonus depreciation to lower tax burden.

Exclusive Access to Deals

Our network and insight into markets gives us access to deals that others might not even see.

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About Blake

My Investment History

My name is Blake, and I've built a $20M portfolio of profitable boutique hotels and multifamily properties. Across those purchases, millions have been added in equity and hundreds of thousands of cash flow have been distributed.

I started with renovating single family homes after a category-5 hurricane, and that meant huge renovations! I also spent my time in the Air Force doing construction, project, and contractor management so renovations are my specialty. That lead to a continual push in unit size and property type and I have purchased 6 boutique hotels across the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Lake Tahoe in California and the Gulf Coast of Florida.

If you are someone looking to add fuel to the fire on their investment journey, investing in short-term rentals may be just the thing. Not only will you get access to invest some of the best boutique hotels and short-term rentals with a proven operator, but by investing you'll also get access to stay at the properties. Our destination markets have double appeal!